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How to Make an Online Image Rransparent?

Make an Online Image Rransparent

How to make an online image transparent? Do you want to eliminate the background of a photo and keep only the subject? It can be done with Photoshop, with Paint, and with other programs like Autocad, but you are looking for a really simple and immediate way to erase this background. Then try doing it online! There are in fact various services suitable for this purpose.

Make an Online Image Rransparent

I promise you that it will really only take you a couple of minutes and that the procedure is truly disarming simplicity: all you have to do is select with the mouse the parts you want to keep (therefore the subject of the photo for example) and then select those that you intend to delete (for example the background).

How to make an online image transparent

The service we present to you today is called Clipping Magic. So without wasting any more time.

Online Tools to Make Image Transparent

  • go to Clipping. The service is without registration.
  • Now upload the photo whose background you want to delete (or other parts).
  • A small video guide will start automatically that will show you how to use the application.
  • It’s very simple: you have to select the subjects you want to keep with the green line and the parts you want to delete with the red line. Then apply the changes and finally download the image to your PC. Done! Very easy right?
  • At this Youtube link, you can see specifically how to use Clipping Magic, with a concrete example of an image to remove the background.
  • Follow this and you will see that it will actually take you a few minutes to create your beautiful transparent image.