Why not to use bots when playing online poker?

You are in the game of poker to win money, real money. You might be playing the virtual medium i.e. online poker, but your skill, emotion, opponents, and earning is real. If everything is real, bringing an element of artificiality to increase your chance of winning nothing but unfair practice. Using bots, which is nothing but a computer program, to increase your chance of winning is not just unethical but illegal.

What will be your reaction, if some genius programmer outsmart you and neutralizes all your bets and eliminates you from the game?  Of course, you will feel cheated and outraged. Same applies to all. You are playing with humans, so use the best of your humanistic skill to win the online poker game. It is very natural to have the hunger and passion to win all possible games, but to do so, you cannot break the code of conduct of the game. Hone your intellectual capacity and strengthen your emotional intelligence so that you could analyze all possible moves and play accordingly.

Are You Playing With Bots?

You are on the cash table of your choice in online poker and in good position strengthening the bottom-line. But suddenly, you notice something fishy about one player who is emotionless, non-reactive and very precise in playing hands. Yes, you are playing against bots that is programmed to not commit mistakes at all. 

Despite implementation of several bots detection and removal technologies, the threat of bots still remains to be solved. The programmers are using ultra advance tricks to cheat the system and bring in the element of computer generated simulation modeling to play poker online. The best strategy to detect bots is to monitor the steadiness in the profits. It is much easier to notice the pattern of bots play.

What to Do?

Almost all good online poker sites have good bots detection and elimination system in place. Unfortunately, in this fast evolving world of programming illicit programmers find the loophole and play the trick with the system.

So, what to do if you notice the existence of bots in the game? Should you leave the game or continue playing. The good part is that you can beat even bots if you are smart enough to judge the pattern of bots play. So, be attentive and play smart to save your money and if the situation permits, build your bankroll.

In the world of online poker it is illegal to bots on the table. Once the sites notices the existence of bots in the system, the responsible site flashes the message, informing players about the bots and accordingly take action to eliminate the threat. Some of the sites apply manual detection method by requesting players to type specific text in the chat room. This response mechanism helps in detection of bots in the system. poker online android

Why You Should Not Use Bots?

  • Game Ethics

If you want to earn money through online poker you have to respect the game ethics. How could you use artificial skill like bots to rob someone of the hard earned money? It is simply a criminal act. You have every right to use extraordinary human skill to increase your chances of winning and people will appreciate you approach.

  • Legality  

It is illegal to use bots in online poker. If you are caught using bots to cheat players, you will be banned from playing for ever. Serious sites will report it to concerned authorities, and you know how easy it is to find where you are. So, be ready to land in jail.

  • Winning

Despite thousands of attempts of using bots to earn big, none of them ever won big. They get detected in early stage and eliminated to make system secure. So, your time and effort in programming bots goes waste. Why to waste intellectual capacity in designing something which has no long-term value. If you want to show your programming skill to the world, there are numerous avenues to display your coding skills.  

  • Easy to Find

Whatever way you design it, you won’t able to beat human intelligence. Your bots plat in a defined pattern and you are very easy to beat. Except calculations you cannot do anything else required in the game of poker. Smart players will judge your strategy quickly and exploit your position to make you virtual bankrupt in no time.

Above all, online poker is a game of fun and thrill involving human skill and emotion. You know, you are doing wrong so the outcome of wrong doing will always be wrong. You might earn some money by cheating, but it won’t sustain for long. Be good, play good and win good!